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ELDOM DWK200 kitchen scale that is how to maintain a good and healthy figure

báscula digital báscula eldom cocina hogar salud

From Poland. Yes, Poland belongs to the European Communion. Although it is in the east. Well, the products come from Poland. Surely from the east and they have the quality and European guarantee of 24 months. As first you allow me to present the scale. Why it? Because it is a good example. It doesn't just measure the weight of food. It also gives us notion how damaging they can be. Excuse me, that is beneficial too.

Modern analytical balance used not only for weighing, but also for determining the nutritional value of food. It is especially useful for people who use the diet. Designed to accurately measure the nutritional value - calories, sodium, protein, fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, and fiber - in dosed servings of food. The nutritional values of 999 products have been programmed. Equipped with easy-to-use touch panel control screen and tempered glass platform with a thickness of 5mm.

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