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That's a our product - Low Speed Juicer

PJ700 low speed juicer

PERFECT JUICER PJ700 Viigo ELDOM juicer is designed to process most fruits and vegetables in a highly efficient way.

Unlike conventional centrifuges, which collide and centrifuge products, it crushes fruits, vegetables or herbs, e.g. tomatoes or olives, and then sieves them using a sieve. PERFECT juicer JUICER PJ700 adjusts the operating speed (45/50/55 rpm / min) for each type of processed products, solid mechanism is made of materials safe for health. As a result, the juice extracted by PERFECT JUICER is denser and less clear, as it contains more valuable ingredients. BPA free - bisphenol A free.

Juicer PJ700 is equipped with a control panel with touch-sensitive keys, allowing easy selection of stored programs.


  • BPA free,
  • silent 2 directions of motor running,
  • control panel with touch buttons,
  • 9 preset 3-speed modes (45/50/55 rpm / min) adjusted to the type of products processed
  • juice container with 1L capacity,
  • waste container with 1 l capacity,
  • 2 valves, 
  • power: 200 W
  • EAN: 5908277383831

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