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Sheep's placenta extract - beneficial face creams

PLACENTA. Placenta extract supports collagen and elastin synthesis, deeply moisturizes, smooths wrinkles, increases skin tension, slows the aging process. Sheep placenta extract is obtained only from the placenta that is already outside the sheep's body. It in no way contributes to the increased mortality of these animals or causes suffering.

crema con placenta de oveja tiande altea

TianDe brand placenta extract products:

TIANDE 10302 Sheep Placenta-Based Pigmentation Unifying Cream For Face, 50g

TIANDE 10303 Placenta Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream, 50g

Revitalizing Moisturizing and Nourishing Cream Placenta TIANDE 10304, 50g

Face Cream Foundation, TianDe 10305, Shade 00 or 01, 50g, Perfect Face Color

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Under Eyes, TianDe 10306, 50 g, Comprehensive Eyelid Skin Treatment

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