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Ocean Riches series (Ocean Riches series)

algas cara erizo de mar hidratante maquillaje oceano primer suero

tianDe OCEAN RICHES series



tianDe 56003 Sea Urchin Laminary Mask, 6 g, Extralifting!

Hyaluronic facial serum, tianDe 16001, 25 ml, strong hydration and anti-wrinkle action

tianDe 86004, Moisturizing Makeup Primer, Photoshop for your skin, 40 ml



Sodium hyaluronate. It intensely hydrates the skin, improves skin elasticity and softens it. Smoothes fine lines, improves skin smoothness and flexibility.

Complex PF SC-GLUCAN. It is a purified beta glucan obtained from the fungus Schizophyllum commune. Soothes sunburned skin, stimulates collagen synthesis, and supports skin's defenses. A plant polysaccharide that helps retain moisture in the skin and smooths wrinkles. Makes the skin more flexible and elastic.

Sea urchin. Its sea urchin extract has strong rejuvenating effects. Thanks to its rich composition, it has incredibly strong regenerative effects on the skin. Restores skin tone and elasticity and reduces sagging caused by aging. The most valuable component in sea urchins is their caviar. Contains 20 times more vitamin A than ginseng root! Sea urchins incredibly regenerate the skin thanks to the abundant components they contain. Vitamin A helps to tone the skin again, restore its firmness, decrease bags and delay aging.

Hamamelis virginiana. Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract improves the appearance of the skin, softens, smoothes and keeps the skin elastic.

Panthenol Accelerate skin regeneration processes, smooth fine lines, improve skin smoothness and elasticity, provide good color.

Laminaria japonica. Laminaria japonica powder contains a large amount of iodine, macromolecular polysaccharides, alginic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B12, A, C, D, E, and high concentrations of minerals. Normalizes metabolism in tissues, stimulates collagen synthesis, lifts and moisturizes the skin, tones it, improves its flexibility and elasticity.

Trehalose. A plant polysaccharide that helps retain moisture in the skin and smooths wrinkles. Makes the skin more flexible and elastic.

Titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide mineral granules have an anti-shine effect on the skin and reflect UV rays, protecting cells from damage.

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