Registered Clients

Do you want to have a permanent discount on all products? We will send you the discount code

Enough Create Account in our store and select the acceptance box to participate in the rewards program tianDe.

We help you get your registration number in the program and the password. Apart from the discount, after finishing this process you will be able to:

  • Change your password,
  • Withdraw your consent at any time,
  • Accumulate tianDe points with your orders and redeem them with discounts and participate in events, raffles and attractions.

If you prefer, you can register yourself on the tianDe page using this link:

With the registration you will have access to the complete offer at low prices.

If you have already registered in another structure of tianDe, you can too take advantage of discounts. You just have to send us a copy of your registration form (login (computer or laptop) on the page OBC - drop-down menu - "my profile" tab - "my registration form" in the bottom left part of the window in .pdf format Send it to us as an attachment by mail or whatsapp.