About us

We are a family business with a long pharmaceutical tradition that deals with health and wellness products. We run an Official Distribution Center for tianDe products based in Altea, Alicante province. From this beautiful city we supply the products you ask for.

We have a varied assortment of products such as cosmetics, small appliances, non-mechanized household equipment, and other devices, which are useful for your personal health and that of your family. We select high-quantity products and those that are respectful with the environment.
Now we are proud to have at your disposal the entire range of TianDe products in our warehouse. Every order we will carry out immediately.

If you want to get a great discount of 35% for the products for your personal use or to be able to distribute them among your friends, contact us or simply visit the official TianDe website. https://tiande.eu/registration/simple/, choose the country: Spain and register as a "conscious customer" by providing our survey number: 13079622. Then you will have access to offers, news and updates from tianDe.

We recommend our:
- tianDe cosmetics based on natural ingredients.
- personal scales, which measure the composition of the body's tissues,
- slow speed juicers, to obtain juices with more flavor and preserve all the properties
- means and utensils for health.

In our offer, of course, you can find many others products
interesting at affordable prices.
On all household equipment the manufacturer provides 24 months of
guarantee, which you will easily enjoy with our personal guarantee.
We have been happily serving our friends for over twenty years. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through the following email: tiande@tiande.guide, we would appreciate if you keep in touch with us by email, we will respond as soon as possible, thank you.

We take care of the quality of the products, your service and delivery, we work for you and for your satisfaction.

Thank you for your trust.

Bernard Lisewski, Anna Luczak
tian from Altea