Bio Rehab Series Against Hair Loss - Growth Activator

Although age makes it difficult to grow new hair, after a month a delicate fluff appeared on the head. I don't have much for my age, but many people have thickened their hair and new roots have filled the empty areas.

It works especially in the case of a temporary deficiency of nutrients caused by improper diet and the treatment of other diseases.

What is it about tianDe Bio Rehab cosmetics that makes them so special?


    Ganoderma - The yellowish varnish extract protects hair from the negative influence of the external environment.

    Ginseng - The ginseng root extract activates the microcirculation of the scalp, improves the nutrition of the hair follicles and prevents hair loss.

    Angelica - Angelica extract contains organic acids and phytosterins, substances that reduce pain, itching and inflammation, and also strengthen the structure of cell membranes.

   Ginger - Ginger root extract improves blood circulation and thus increases the nutrition of hair follicles. Accelerates growth and strengthens hair.

   Gleditsia - Australian Honeyberry fruits contain saponins, vegetable glycosides that create lather and gently cleanse the scalp and hair. The bioactive components of Glytitzia actively care for the scalp, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, rebuild the structure of the hair, make it compliant and flexible.

    White mulberry - Whiteberry extract saturates the scalp with nutrients, nourishes hair follicles, accelerates hair growth and increases its density.


Anna Luczak - Pharmacist:

Before that, I didn't have any major problems with my hair, but a few months ago it started falling out in handfuls. I used just the toner and the effect turned out to be amazing. I have not used the entire bottle yet and the drop has completely stopped.

Ewa Bawtrol - facebook:

The Biorehab series of shampoos and masks helped me a lot when in early 2019/2020 I noticed that my hair had become weak and was starting to fall out quite a bit. The shampoo dispenser allows you to use as much shampoo as you need. So is the mask. The smell is very intense due to the high ginger content. It stimulates the growth of bulbs and thickens them. New hair came out and it looked like I had grown a fringe that I never had. After using all the shampoo, I still had a mask that I kept using. Also, I used an activator from this series. It is a tonic that can be rubbed into dry or damp hair. I recommend it.

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